Sabtu, 11 Oktober 2014

Paradise Island Cheat

Hello, Do you remember the Paradise Island Event? Here i will share How to remove the stone on the closed door!

You need :
- Filter (Here)

The purpose of this cheat is :
Remove the stone & Remove the Girl on this Picture and you also can enter to the Golden Area and also get all paradise treasure!

How to use this?
1. Open the filter
2. Turn on all
3. And go to the Paradise Island!
4. Open the door that you want to go!

5. And you will enter to the area!

6. After you enter to the all door , You can open the Golden Navizou Door!
#Type Lucky

7. And tada, Good luck :D

Thank you for reading this article and thank you to my friend (M...) :D
Contact me if there's a mistake..